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About Gems Manual

This project was made for usual visitors of jewelry shops and e-stores, therefore the main purpose of “GEMs Manual” is to inform the consumer concerning the “nature” of gemstones, their origin, history, myths & legends and even ancient and modern customs.

Why it is a “manual,” but not the Encyclopedia?

This is not a GEMs Encyclopedia, however the information presented on the pages of this site is correct and fits to reliable sources.

The main difference, that distinguishes the “GEMs Manual” of Wikipedia or any other sources, is the simplicity of the presentation of information.

According to my opinion, the information concerning “crystal lattice,” “process of crystallization,” “chemical stability” and other difficult-to-understand terms is absolutely useless for a consumer, although such terms as “specific gravity” or “single and double refraction” could be useful for him.

Who is an Author of “GEMs Manual”

My name is Alexandr, however, my friends call me Alex. I’m not a professional expert in GEMs, however, I’ve studied a lot of useful sources concerning such interesting subject as “gemstones.” Moreover, I want to inform all my friends and visitors of my site concerning such interesting subjects as gems history, origin, legends and myths and, additionally to provide useful information for consumers.

If you found some errors or inaccuracy, by studying the information presented at this site, you can contact me, using this contact form.

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