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Copyrights and Disclaimer


All the information, presented on this site is protected under the copyrights. All the texts are created by the Author and are absolutely exclusive.

You can’t copy any article or any part of an article, because the responsibility will follows. It is not necessary to ask for my approval to copy any article on this site. It is forbidden. Each article is a private property of the Author, moreover, it is represented only Author’s opinion.

This is not because I like my articles too much, this is due to the Google’s new algorithms, such as Google Panda!

Concerning reliability of the sources

Each string of the content, provided on this site is written, according to reliable sources. I’m showing many of my sources. You can check some of them in the section “Birthstones by Zodiac,” for example.

However, I didn’t copy any string from these books. I’ve used them only as the sources. If I’ve cited any author, I’ve used quotes to emphases it.

All my sources are reliable, and the information is confirmed, due to the facts that the authors of these books are the professionals in such term as “gemstones.”

Concerning the Healing & Magical Properties of GEMs

I give the information as it is. If Pliny said that, I write that. If Theophrastus mentioned any fact, I write about it. But, nonetheless, no matter whether you believe or not in the magical or healing properties of the gemstones, I urge you to use your common sense to obtain this information.

Moreover, concerning the healing properties of any gems, I urge you to never use any recipes, presented in the Middle Age books! Maybe you did not know, but this period of history called the “Dark Ages.”

Once again, “GEMs Manual” is an informational resource, providing useful information to the consumers. I do not call you to follow the instruction, concerning the magical and healing properties of gems, however, the information is correct, according to the ancient sources.

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