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Gems Manual Launch

Category: Articles | Posted by: March 13, 2015

Launch of the Project

I am pleased to report about “GEMs Manual” Project Launch!

This project should help each consumer to acquire advanced knowledge concerning gems and stay abreast of gem’s world.

The structure of this project has been developed to help you easily navigate in terms and categories.

“GEMs Manual” will evolve rapidly, therefore you’ll obtain new and new information daily. For example, such intricate concept as “The Diamond” is not developed fully now, but, soon You’ll observe new subcategories in that subject such as:

  • World’s famous Diamonds;
  • Diamond grading (including the golden rule of 4C);
  • New article, containing an advanced information concerning so-called “Blood Diamonds” or “Conflict Diamonds;”
  • Diamond Cutting, polishing and much, much more.

Such important section as “Gems Education” will will be developed. Today it represents the basic knowledge concerning principal qualities of gems. But subsequent knowledge will provide you quality information to make you an expert in such complicated term as “Gems Jewelry.”


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