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The Oldest Book of Gems

The Oldest book of Gemstones

Causes of my assumptionsThe books dated XVII-XXIEnglish, German, French Books about Gemstones: British Colonization, Discovery of America, TravelersLatin Books about Gemstones: The Dark Ages and the Brave Travelers | Greek Books about GemstonesOriental Books about GemstonesHebrew Books about GemstonesRussian Books about GemstonesMiddle East and Asia Minor Books about Gemstones | Conslusion

Studying many books in regards to gemstones, I paid the attention to one curious fact. Practically all the authors borrowed the information about the gemstones from each other.

Curious, isn’t it? Thus, I don’t claim, that all of them are the plagiarist, I claim, in turn, that there is (or, more accurately “existed”) some ancient source, that contains the first mentions about gemstones.

Furthermore, we ought to admit, that there are plenty of the legends, myths and superstitions in regards to gems, that could not occur by chance. (more…)

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